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* Glory plastics provides quality custom plastic molds and molding services at competitive price through:injection molding, blow molding,
   injection blow molding and silicone rubber molding.
* Services for different industries and users, and meet all the plastics demands in plastic packaging, daily use, construction, chemical, automobile and consumer
* Independent and separated workshops meet different quality requirements: cleanroom condition injection molding and blow molding for electronic parts and
   pharmaceutical bottles and containers. Automatic printing, labeling and assembly.
* Strict implementation of the 5S quality control systems, ISO9001 certified.
* Over 15 years of experience in export business, we had a clear understanding on what exactly the overseas customer really needs in quality, price, delivery and
   intellectual property protection than most of other Chinese plastics companies.
* Welcome OEM/ODM plastic parts design, molds making and contracting manufacturing.

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