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Blow Molding

Blow molding is kind of molding process of to placing the molten preform into the blow mold, injecting the compressed air, and the perform will be stick to the mold cavity wall, after cooling and mold release we got the bow molded products we want. Blow molding can be applied for the production of plastic containers as bottles, pots, barrels, and daily uses, children's toys, etc.


The major materials for blow moldings are: Polyethylene, PVC, polystyrene, linear resin, polycarbonate… The consumption of HDPE takes the first place in blow molding, it is widely used in food, chemical and disposing liquid packaging. PVC container is more popular in cosmetics and detergent packaging for its good transparency and air-tightness.


With the development of non-toxic PVC and fertilizer and the scratch blow molding technology, PVC container for food packaging became widely used, like for beer or other carbon dioxide beverage packaging.


Others like PET blow molding container are also widely applied production of food, drinks and commodity packaging containers.


Thanks to the advancement of resin modification and processing technique, the consumption of PP has also been increasing year by year.


Compared with ordinary single-layer PE containers, multilayer compound containers PE/PA/PE is hard to see differences by their appearance, but they got big differences in performance, the multilayer container has its outstanding barrier property to oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and organic solvent.


Our company is a professional molder and a reliable supplier of quality blow molded items, providing customers one-stop services from design, molds building, product production, printing and to final assembly. Plastic bottle user guide in blow molding industry that we should know.


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