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Cap & Closure

Since the mid-1990s, PET bottled drinks produced by the Coca-Cola company started applying plastic tamper evident caps to replace that of made aluminum, thus the plastic tamper evident cap was appeared on the stage of beverage packaging. Shortly after that, the Chinese packaging giants and beverage producers introduced those advanced machinery and equipments one after another, and began large scale production and application of all kinds of plastic caps and closures. Nowadays, the light and easy-to-open plastic bottle caps used in beverage packaging and other industries not only facilitate the consumers, but also promote the development of the entire packaging industries.

As the fierce competition in Chinese domestic beverage markets, most of beverage companies apply the latest capping techniques and equipments, that enables China’s bottle cap maker’s production equipments and production technologies reaching the world advanced level. What’s more, the world cap maker giants such as BERICAP, SACMI, ALCOA, HUSKY, DEMAGE, NESTAL and ENGEL all started business in China, and at same time, the battles in plastic cap making industry by which injection molding or compression molding get started.

Applications of plastic bottle caps/closures:
1. Sealing/re-seal: good sealing; protect packaging
2. Marketing support: user-friendly; promotion, improve packaging and diversification
3. Economy: competitive price
4. Tamper-evident function: protect packaging and safety
5. Seal-capping: efficient, high productivity
6. Safety: food grade, none-pollution

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