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Industrial Product


Industrial Molded Insert Parts


Metal parts like bolt, post or items of other materials embedded in plastic molding process or pressed in after molded can be categorized as metal insets in plastic molding. The inserts enable the product to get extra function or only to be a kind of decoration.


Features of insert molding process:


The moldable and flexible resins combined with rigidity, intensity, heat resistant metals can create a sophisticated product with both properties of metal and plastic.


By taking advantages of the insulating nature and conductivity between plastic and metal, the finished insert product can well meet special requirements for electrics.


The major materials for insert part are copper and iron which are also available in textile, paper, cable, plastics, glass, timber, coil and electrical components, etc.


The rigid plate molded integrated with flexible rubber seal can save lots of complicated works of sealing ring arrangement.


Compared with the press molding, the insert molding process of combination between molten resin and metal inserts can create more reliable molded products with closer position of the insets.


When insert molding finished, we can got hollow slot product by extra core hole processing.



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