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Mold Development

Glory Plastics pays a great attention to standardization of building a quality management in the mold building process. Therefore, Glory Plastics has passed the international quality management system standards certification of ISO9001. Glory Plastics has been holding the quality policy of “precision manufacturing and creating advantages for the customers; continuous improvement and offering quality services with total customer satisfaction”.


Fully participate in quality control system, effectively implement ISO9001 standards, and carry out strict evaluation and assessment on all suppliers to ensure that all coming materials are in line with the processing standards. Glory Plastics has been built a long term cooperating relationship with lots of famous parts suppliers like LKM, YUDO, HUSKY, MISUMI, HASCO, DME to ensure material quality before processing. Glory Plastics was sophisticated with the mold design standards of HASCO and DME. Each process and work flow was checked based on “standard process guidelines” and “quality inspection standards” according to specific requirements of the customers. What’s more, by taking use of the advanced precision instruments like 3D and image measuring testing equipmentsall ensure us to provide our customers with top quality molds and superior after sale services.


Mold Development Chart

      Incoming date from customer      
      Engineering department   Technical analysis  
  Date releasing   Design department      
      Manufacturing department   Resource planning  
      Incoming of material      
      Base plate manufacturing department      
      CNC milling department      
  Manufacturing department   Wire cutting department      
      Grinding department      
          Full quality control  
      Assembly department      
      Try-out department      
      Sample inspecting department      


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