The 15th China Plastics Expo Opened Today in Yuyao

Today, the 15th China plastics expo opened in China plastics international conference and exhibition center of Yuyao city, a city which renowned as China’s “Kingdom of Plastics” and just get a recovery from a devastating typhoon and floods.

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Wuxi Glory Plastics Announced To Donate One Million RMB To Help Victims In Dingxi Earthquakes

Recently, Wuxi Glory Plastics, a leading China plastics company, has announced that it will be donating a sum of one million RMB to help the sufferers of Dingxi Earthquake.

The earthquake in Dingxi, which struck on July 22, 2013, occurred at 7.45 am according to China Standard Time. China Earthquake Data Center recorded an initial magnitude of 6.6 and a focal depth of 20 km. The seismic waves occurred 14 kilometers from the Lintan-Dangchang fault line and the earthquake tremors were also felt in other cities including Tianshui and Lanzhou in Gansu, Xi’an, Baoji, and Xianyang in Shaanxi Province. After the initial wave had struck, the second one occurred just an hour later. Its magnitude as recorded by the USGS was 5.6. By 6 p.m. According to the China Standard Time, a total of 422 aftershocks was already recorded.

This disastrous earthquake hit the Min County most badly which is situated 15 km from the epicenter. The total deaths recorded were 89. Above 500 people got injured while 60 got seriously injured. 5 people are still missing as according to the latest reports.

The area has a long history of 25 earthquakes with magnitudes above five. The Dingxi earthquake has left the area in calamity and the people in helpless despair. As a responsible organization, Wuxi Glory Plastics has extended its help for the victims of this catastrophic earthquake by donating one million RMB. This huge amount will really make a difference for hundreds of people who are left unsheltered by this terrible natural disaster. It is hoped that other responsible companies will also move forward to follow the footsteps of Wuxi Glory in order to help the sufferers.

Wuxi Glory Plastics is a China based company which specializes in supplying high end plastic products and custom molds. It offers high quality injection molding and blow molding services at affordable rates.

For more details about our products and services please visit:

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HDPE Bottle Injection Blow molding

Our new new style 90mil HDPE pharmaceutical bottle have launched its production today, and the injection molded vitamin tablet vial we be coming into production within two weeks.

Video for our HDPE bottle injection blow molding production please visit:

Wuxi Glory Plastics Production News


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China (Tianjin) International Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition ( CPE2013) will be held in Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, August 21 – 24th, 2013.

Industries and  products will be shown in CPE 2013:

  1. Plastics & Rubber Machinery
  2. Injection Molding Machinery
  3. Chemical & Raw Materials
  4. Plastics & Rubber Packaging
  5. Plastics & Rubber Products
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China Qingdao Plastics & Rubber Industrial Exhibition

The 2013 15th China international plastics & rubber industrial exhibition we will be held in Qingdao city 15~17th, August 2013.

Suppliers in injection molding machinery of international brands like Demag, Fanuc and famous domestic companies like Haitian, Chen Hsong and Donghua we will all attend this exhibtion.

Since Wuxi Glory Pastics has been in China injection molding industry for many years, we will send our enginners to this trade show for seeking business opportunities, new technologies and making friends.


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Green fence action to reduce plastics scrap imports

According to the data by the General Administration of Customs shows that after the “Green Fence Action”, the import unwashed wastes decreased 5.5% in the first four months of this year. Now the import situation that always increases in double-digit has been changed greatly. The decreasing amplitude about 5.5% is one of the statistics that show the great influence of the “Green Fence Action” to the industry. Though the decreasing amplitude is not big, but it has already become the watershed of the plastic recycling industry in recent years. In past ten years, the import volume of the polymer wastes had increased fourfold and grew continually.

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Invista Nylon 6/6 Plant in Shanghai

American materials supplier Invista announced in May 15th that it has already signed an agreement with Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone to plan to reserve land to construct Nylon 6/6 factory.

Invista, with the headquarters located in Wichita, Kansas, announced in January that it would found a material factory of HMD, the precursor of Nylon, in Shanghai, which may include the production of Nylon 6/6.

“We hope to found a world-class polymeric production facility and the schedule needs to coordinate with the HMD program,” said Warren Primeaux, the intermediate product president of Invista in news release in May 15th. “We believe the continuous increase of Chinese GDP will increase the demand of durable goods and Nylon 6/6 can make these products better”.

The agreement keeps some space around HMD factory and the planned Nitrile factory, which is the symbol of another progress in the program of integrated Nylon 6/6 polymer factory, announced by Invista.  

Invista announced the production of HMD factory will begin in the middle of 2015.
This news release didn’t provide the schedule or any capacity.

It said that the investment on the whole facility would be more than one billion dollars, which was the biggest capital investment of Invista ever.

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2013 Hong Kong Plasticity Conference

The 2013 Plasticity conference will be held in Hong Kong in early June, which will focus on the plastic waste problem. The first conference was held on United Nations Sustainable Development Forum in the same term last year.

This conference will be held on June 6. It will explore the solution to the problem of waste plastics. The keynote speakers include Lu Gonghui, the deputy director of Hong Kong Environmental Protection Bureau, and Mike Biddle, founder of plastic recycling enterprise MBA in California and winner of Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development.

This forum is organized by non-profit organization, Ocean Recovery Alliance, which has offices in California and Hong Kong. The focus of this league is problems of marine pollution, including waste plastics. The American Chemistry Council is also the partner support of this conference.

“By 2013, 40% of the world’s sea surface is covered by some form of floating plastic garbage, which is thought-provoking. More and more companies and organizations are paying attention to the solution to plastic waste problem”, said the organization.

The event will also include the speech of Bayer Material Science and Taiwan Plastic Industry Technology Development Center.

The sponsor said the major intent of this conference is to collect retailers, policy makers, manufacturers and other personages of all circles to discuss the problem.

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BASF new innovations at Chinaplas 2013

A few days ago, BASF SE previewed the innovation that would be displayed in the Chinaplas2013.

The innovation includes a concept refrigerator made of BASF Ultramid resin and a new-type eco-friendly pigment.

The president of BASF SE and the chairman of greater China Albert Heuser announced the plastic innovation has great market potential and it can be helpful for China to face the challenges at present time, such as the resource protection, the improvement of food safety and nutrition and the quality of life. He made a speech in the press conference held in Shanghai last week. This press conference previewed the innovation that would be displayed on the Chinaplas in Guangzhou.  

The international senior vice president of BASF SE Zheng Daqing announced he hoped to expand the applied range of these technologies continuously and make them accepted by many people.

Other new-type red and yellow pigment Paliotol Yellow K 1750 will be displayed in Chinaplas 2013.

Andy Postlethwaite, the senior vice president of BASF in APAC in solution of high performance material, engineering plastics and polyurethane, explained: “in the past, this kind of color effect can only be achieved with the pigment that has heavy metal in it. And this limits the usage of this color in toys and other applications. At present, we use secure materials to replace toxic materials and this is very important to plastic industry.”

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Earthquake shakes China again in Sichuan province today

Today – April 20, 2013. A 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Lushan County, Yaan City of Sichuan province in the morning 8:02 am. The devastating quake has caused severe damages: large number of farmhouses collapse, communication and transportation breakdown and the death toll continues to rise. This is another big earthquake happened in Sichuan after the 2008 Wenchuan quake. We are now here pray for a small number casualties and hope a quick recovery of the local people. God bless you all.

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